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Work Mats




WorkMats provides an extra level of safety and added protection to the workplace environment whilst completing messy tasks. Designed to create an impermeable absorbent barrier, it ensures leaks and spills are prevented from entering the environment and reduces the risk of slips caused by a spill. Designed with a quality multilayer construction, the top layer features a UV stable HDPE mesh covering. This grips to the absorbent layer and allows drips and leaks to filter through. The absorbent core is a replaceable Meltblown Polypropylene Sorbent lining. These hydrophobic lining strips will absorb oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons and can easily be removed once saturated and replaced. These pads can be easily ordered in a roll. The final layer is a durable UV resistant PVC to provide an impermeable layer to ensure liquids are retained on the mat. Other features include four 25mm webbing tabs for tying or pegging down and a Velcro tab to neatly hold the mat in place when rolled up for storage. Work Mat is an Australian Made quality product that increases safety and protects the environment. Features:
  • Tough UV resistant PVC backing
  • Meltblown Polypropylene Sorbent lining
  • Absorbent layer is compatible with Oils, Fuels, and other Hydrocarbons and can be removed and replaced
  • HDPE UV protected top layer
  • Four 25mm webbing loops for tying or pegging down
  • Rolls easily for storage using the Velcro tab to hold into place