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Silt Curtain



Australian Made for Australian Conditions Call us on 07 3737 7699 so we can help choose the correct Curtain for you!   Silt Curtains play an integral role in reducing environmental impact in waterways, creeks, dams and oceans. These floating barriers create a defined space whereby suspended silt, sediments and solids are localised. A Silt Curtain comprises of a floating chamber and a Curtain that drops beneath the water surface. The Curtain is weighted ensuring it remains perpendicular in the water column and is made from geo textile, woven or non-woven filter medium. Typically, silt migrates within the first 2 meters of the water column, caused from surface disruption. By settling the sediment to the bottom, the result highly reduces stress to fragile aquatic systems. Features: Arrive ready for deployment Manufactured to suit specific clients project requirements Curtain fabric to suit filter medium requirements High quality materials Australian Made Designed for: Shoreline restoration Bridge construction Rock walls on the foreshore Construction sites on or near water ways Dredging Piling repairs Foreshore development Sewer treatment ponds Sediment ponds Boat Ramp Upgrades Marine constructions