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Double IBC Spill Bund




Double IBC Bunded Spill Pallets are an economical choice for storing two IBC tanks side by side. They will also handle drums and other large vessels. (Please ensure all stored chemicals are chemically compatible.) Tough polyethylene construction ensures they are resistant to a wide variety of chemicals including acids and corrosives whilst providing great industrial strength. This Pallet Bund has a load rating of 3000kg and with a 500mm height creates a convenient height for decanting and manual lifting of smaller stored containers sharing the ample deck space. The removable deck provides easy visual access to monitor contained liquid in the sump, removal and cleaning. Internal inspections and cleaning of spilt liquids is easily accessible by removing the grates. Specifications: Dimensions: 2200x1300x500mm (± 5%) Spill Capacity: 1100L Material: LLDPE Tare Weight: 105kg (± 5%) Loading Capacity: Static 6000kg / Dynamic 3000kg