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Dewatering Bags




Dewatering and Sediment Filter Bags are designed to contain sediments and heavy particles when silt laden water is to be pumped from an excavation site. This is a simple and cost effective way of controlling the amount of sediment or pollution leaving the site. <br> They are manufactured from a non-woven geotextile fabric that is needle punched to allow water to easily pass through whilst retaining silt and other solids. There is a range of standard sizes to suit requirements of particular projects. Custom sizes can be made upon request (please consult with EMI’s sales team on the best solution for specific projects). Our Filter Bags are designed to handle a discharge hose that is (100mm – 150mm) in diameter. These filter Bags most commonly feature a hose inlet (fill port) where you can insert the hose. Once the hose is in place, clamp the fabric to the hose via wire, ties, clamps, ropes or similar on-hand materials. Designed for: Filtering and pumping: Trenches Construction sites Ponds Lakes Dewatering in municipalities or plants Features: Standard range of sizes Custom sizing available Manufactured from non-woven needle punched geotextile fabric Retains sediment and other solids