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Containment Boom



Australian Made – for Australian Conditions Call us on 07 3737 7699 so we can help choose the correct Boom for you! Containment Booms can also be known as Oil Spill Booms, Floating Barriers, Baffles and Oil & Fuel Booms. These floating devices are designed to control, contain or deflect floating liquid spills and debris on water. These temporary barriers play an important role to contain spills and debris to reduce the impact to nearby aquatic systems, the shoreline and facilitate and effective evacuation of the pollution. The float chamber sitting above the waterline is called the free board. The small skirt bellow the water surface is the draft and is weighted down with a chain ballast. Containment Booms are available in Type 1, 2, and 3 depending on the application. The floatation and ballast are also dependent on the intended use of the Containment Boom. Features: Arrive ready for deployment Manufactured to suit specific client’s project requirements Boom material to suit project requirements 20 years industry experience Made from high-quality materials Containment Boom design service available